Animal Adventures
   Safari Sally 
"Given the chance to encounter & learn about animals,
a child will learn compassion,
when nourished, 

it will develop into passion".
Safari Sally-2010
Birthday Parties
School Assembly
Library Programs
Boy/Girl Scouts
Corporate Events

fari Sally has been educating and entertaining children of all ages for over 10 years! 

From small parties to large assemblies to sold out theaters!

Get a chance to help train  a wallaby!
Meet a skink, uromastyx or even a cousin to the komodo dragon!
Hedgehog or fabulous snakes or a pot bellied pig!
"There's only one real Safari Sally".
With background as a preschool teacher, zoo keeper naturalist, nationally renowned animal trainer and educator, she relates to the children and they love her.


* trained animals for
Television (National Geographic channel)

* Trained with Jack Hannah at 
Sea World,  Columbus.

*worked with
Mutual of Omaha's Wild Kingdom star Jim Fowler, (also known for many visits on late night talk shows)
*over 11 years experience  as a zookeeper/educator/ animal trainer  at AZA Zoos

Safari Sally mesmerizes children with her animals and fun interaction!
The kids have fun while learning about the animals and their environment!
The safety of the animals and children come first, there is always a chance to get up close and personal with the animals. 
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